"Turn a baby" into optimal birthing position.
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How To Turn A Breech, Posterior or Transverse Baby.

Welcome to http://turningbaby.com. Let me show you how to safely and gently turn your baby from a breech, posterior or transverse position to an optimal ‘vertex’ birthing position. After turning 3 of my babies from non optimal birthing positions, including a footling breech and a transverse at 36/37 weeks I created the 14 day ‘Turn Your Baby’ Program

As a pre and post natal exercise specialist for more than 15 years I have developed exercises for you to do, postures that you need to avoid and sleeping positions that will help you to turn your baby, so you can have the birth you want!

Hi Lorraine, first of all congratulations for you newborn baby girl, she’s very cute and pretty, I’ve seen the pictures on FB! I also wanted to thank you so much because my baby girl finally turned and she’s now head down, I found out today on my scan! Still can’t believe it! I combined your exercises with moxibustion. So thanks a lot again and I will keep on following you on FaceBook. I think your profile on facebook and Youtube channel are very useful and encouraging!” Gulia

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I did your exercises in this video and my baby turned head down! She was transverse and I did this in the 36th week. The position that worked was the bean bag one. Thank you so much” Angie