"Turn a baby" into optimal birthing position.

Turning Babies


Turning Babies

Would you like to have a natural birth? Wouldn’t it be nice to have limited medical interventions? If this is what you would like then you need to get your baby into an optimal position for birth.  That is cephalic or vertex presentation as its known or in other words head down and baby’s face facing towards your butt!

If your baby is in any other position then the need for interventions can greatly increase and you may even have to forgo the vaginal birth you had planned and the only option that you may have left is a ‘C’ section.

Let me tell you how I turned my babies and the exercise I did to position all 3 into an optimal position going into labour. The benefits for both mum and baby in turning a baby into optimal position for birth are huge.

My first baby turned transverse at 36+ weeks and I managed to turn her back by adopting the correct sleeping position before the specialist appointment I had booked to manually try to turn her. I even managed to save myself $150 doing this! It took me just 24 hours to pop her back in place.

My second was breech at 34 weeks, she was a little stubborn and took the full 2 weeks to turn she would constantly flip back to a breech position so I had to persist with my exercises for her. My third was a footling breech and at the 30+ week scan my doctor didn’t think I would be able to turn her but I followed my program, stayed positive and she had turned head down within a couple of weeks. She then persisted in lying posterior so I had to  follow my exercises and changed several things and got her anterior just in time for my third vaginal birth.

After my experience of turning all 3 of my babies and many of my clients  I created the  14 day program ‘Turn Your Baby’ that all women can now follow if their baby is in a non optimal position for birth. You can purchase this on my website.

Many babies will turn by themselves before birth but many will not.  There seems to be an increasing amount of ‘C’ sections due to poor positions of babies, I believe many of these could have been avoidable.

Poor posture, long periods sitting down at a desk, behind a wheel or even standing can cause your baby to adopt a transverse, breech or posterior position. If this is not addressed around the 30 week mark then baby may still be in this incorrect position past 35 weeks. Once at this stage it is a lot harder although very possible on the program to turn your baby. It is much better to adopt good posture, better sleeping habits and exercise from 30 weeks to encourage an optimal birthing position. I recommend a scan or to use a good midwife to check the position of your baby from 30-33 weeks

If your baby is in optimal position you are also less likely to go past 14 days overdue as baby is much more likely to engage in a vertex position than any other, possibly reducing an induction!

The exercises, sleeping positions and postures that you follow on the 14 day Turn Your Baby program are all completely safe to do during your pregnancy if you have no complications. You need to discuss with your LMC that you are following the program. If like me you google ways to turn you baby you may have come across hand-standing positions. I always use myself as a gunnie pig and I would not recommend this. With my second I tried this position in the swimming pool and it was so painful I researched other options and Turn your baby was born!

  1. i am 30weeks pregnent with breech presentation can i do excercise if so for how many days i should continue. daily howmanytimes i can do

    • Hi Savi You should have a look at the 14 day turn your baby program on this site it is awesome and only $20!It explains all the exercises you need to do when and frequency. Check it out under program

  2. Am 37 weeks pregnant – and did the exercises for 2 days and slept on my right side 3 nights. I did not do the exercises as many times as recommended. But I did what I could. Today they wanted to check me at the hospital, and the baby had turned allready. Great!!!!!!!!!! The midwife said “Congratulations. Please keep on using the beanbag!” The doctor who came to turn the baby looked surprised. No Work for her to do. My husband and I walked happy away! Great to be pregnant – instead of being a patient. Thanks!

    • Hello Mettea, that is awesome news, congratulations! thanks for letting me know. All the best 🙂

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