Turn your Baby 14 Day Program

Turn your baby into the optimal position for your birth watch the 4 video’s and follow, its up to you now to turn your baby, make sure you stick to the program. Please share your success stories.

Before starting the ‘Turn Your Baby’ Program make sure you have clearance from your Midwife, Doctor or Obstetrician. None of the exercises in this program will harm you or your baby.

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Here are your 4 videos, Enjoy!

Video 1: This video shows you the positions that are not optimal for a vaginal delivery and reasons why some babies may not turn.

 Video 2: How to sit and stand during the day and positions to avoid.

 Video 3: Your Daily Exercises to ‘Turn Your Baby’

Video 4: Which side should sleep on to Turn Your Baby.

Following the 14 day ‘Turn Your Baby’ Program you agree to:-

The information and exercises included in the 14 day ‘Turn Your Baby’ Program has been written and created by Lorraine Scapens: She is not able to provide you with medical advice, the information is used as guidelines and is not intended to replace the recommendations of your doctor, midwife, or physical therapist. You cannot hold Lorraine or http://turningbaby.com liable in any way for any injuries that may occur whilst on the ‘Turn Your Baby’ program. ‘Turn Your Baby’ has been developed by Lorraine Scapens it is not yours to sell or copy October 2012.