Turning A Breech Baby into optimal position for birth.

Do you want to get your baby into the optimal position for birth quickly so that you can relax and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy?

I know from experience just how stressful it can be if you want to have an intervention free birth and you have a baby in the breech presentation! The sooner you can turn baby the better.

I can help you to safely and gently turn your baby with the 14 day ‘Turn Your Baby’ program. Turn your baby from a breech, transverse or posterior presentation to an Optimal ‘Vertex’ position with this program.

Thank You for the instructional videos. I’ve only just found out that my baby is breech -just as your 2nd baby was- and I’m 36 weeks. The positions are things that I can do with minimal time taken out of my day, and makes sense! I’ll be more conscious of the way I sleep, sit and stand from now on, because I’ve been doing it all wrong! I’ve been reading about different ways you can help rotate the baby, but it’s so much easier to follow, and know I’m doing it right by being shown how to.”  Tiffany

As a special and introductory offer you can get exclusive access to the program for Half Price! Which is just $20, saving you $20!

‘Turn Your baby’ Program

The progam is 4 videos that you follow step by step that will help you turn your baby into an optimal position for birth within 14 days. Once you purchase ‘Turn Your Baby’ you will gain access to the exclusive area were you can view the video’s.

 Video 1: Explains pExercise's to Turn Babyositions of babies, possible causes of poor presentation and reasons why some babies may not actually turn  

Video 2: How you should sit and stand during the day and positions to avoid. Postures that you need to adopt. 

Video 3: Your Daily Exercises- Exercises you need to perform daily over the 14 day period these are split into morning and evening exercises a 15min ‘Turn your Baby’ Exercise Routine 

 Video 4: What side you should sleep on to turn your baby.   

 The video’s total 20+ minutes. Follow ‘Turn Your Baby’ from 30 weeks so that your baby will turn quickly. You then have a choice, you can have the birth you want and relax for the rest of your pregnancy! Purchase Today, Just $20